Photo by Edward Diaz

A warm welcome to my blog, Thawing Out!

I’m Anna Harris, and I created this blog to share what I have discovered about recovering from trauma through spirituality, a community of wonderful people, journaling, my bunny, and many other sources of warmth. I also want to hear from you, whoever you are and whatever your experiences! Please comment or send me a message.

So, why the title, Thawing Out? This title describes my current life, which is full of good things and memories of bad times. The reverse is true, too, of course. My life is also full of bad times and memories of good things. But I’ve noticed the general trend – at least for now – is a glorious thawing out. I am thawing out from many frozen moments and stages of my life. I feel, and I am thankful to be alive. But I have not always felt this way…